About us

What we do?

Regardless of whether you are a natural person, start-up, small, medium or large entrepreneur, the GIBASIEWICZ Law Firm is able to present modern legal solutions in the areas of business, meeting your expectations. We mainly provide legal and tax services to entrepreneurs.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, as they often need legal assistance in the non-business areas, we also provide family law services.
The principles that guide us in the provision of services are knowledge, excellence, experience and trust.

By solving your problems or advising you, we try to look at the issues analysed in an innovative way and present creative solutions. We will guide you through the world of law, always moving in your direction.

We are aware that finding the optimal solution for you requires careful consideration of your business goals. When looking for solutions, we always take into account the specifics of a given case, your interests and risks that may arise, both legal and business. We appreciate unusual and unprecedented cases that require creative and innovative thinking, but at the same time we do not underestimate the small and typical legal problems faced by entrepreneurs every day.

How do we work?

Our primary goal is to help our clients answer questions before they become problems. We primarily try to prevent a legal dilemma, assuming that such attitudes can minimize the costs of legal services for entrepreneurs. Our extensive experience allows us to conclude that well-prepared contracts reduce the risk of disputes in the future, while a carefully thought legal strategy allows for faster and more favorable completion of litigation. Our philosophy is to support your business in order to reduce business risk and costs.

However, when there are legal problems and you need to look for immediate solutions, we are ready to do so, creating an appropriate team of lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge of the relevant areas of law. Our lawyers thoroughly examine all legal aspects of the case and look for the best solution. Recognising the complexity of the law, we always analyse the legal steps we take, not only in terms of their compliance with the law, but also their cost-effectiveness for our client.

Our lawyers are fully available regarding the place and time of providing services. The only restrictions associated with it arise from the period necessary for the preparation of draft documents and court proceedings strategies. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients to the greatest extent possible, knowing that time is money.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we cooperate with many foreign lawyers from Europe, North America and South America. Thus, we are able to help our clients solve legal problems occurring in different jurisdictions.

We provide legal services in the following languages: Polish, English, Spanish and Russian.